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Feb. 22nd, 2012 | 03:21 pm
location: West Bay, Grand Cayman
mood: crazycrazy


Totally forgot I had an LJ until I got bored and needed to read some porn. What does that say about me? Who cares.

So I've moved back to the Caribbean because why the hell not. I swim all day and drink most nights and that's about the size of it. Working for a lovely and tiny company called Off the Wall Divers which consists of the owner, myself and one other instructor. Yesterday, I poked a turtle with a dead fish. Today, my student cancelled because she stayed up until three studying, which is either a damnable lie because who studies on vacation or she's just really lame and anxiety ridden. Either way I ended up with the day off. I have not accomplished much of anything aside from hitching to work, finding out there was no work to be had and catching a bus home. Also I ate some soup.

Mayhaps something more interesting will happen tomorrow. Two trips scheduled. Anyway, here is a picture of Totoro with a Christmas bow on his head.

PS- when I tell LJ to detect my location, it says I am in Jamaica. Dear LJ, Jamaica is several hundred miles from Cayman. Also it is a totally separate country.

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