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I haven't written a post in like a year...

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Aug. 5th, 2010 | 03:20 pm
location: hell
mood: annoyedannoyed
music: ponyo on the cliffs by the sea

and I've spent the better part of the day reading back entries on meta-quotes instead of teaching the small Korean children in my classroom. Right now I have a group of obnoxious little ass wipes who have managed to enrage almost every teacher they have had since Monday.

Oh yeah, that's right. It's been a freaking year. So Will and I left Cayman (regretting that decision immensely, by the by) in September of last year and went to bum around Costa Rica for three months or so (that part was fun). While we were there we also picked up our TESOL certifications and spent all of our money, thus necessitating our getting jobs. The first jobs we found and were selected for looked awesome and sweet so we took them. We are now teaching English in Daegu, South Korea.

It is not awesome.

Or sweet.

The School From The Pitts Of Hell or as it is more commonly called, The Village, is run as though the administrative staff were the Mad Hatter and the March Hare randomly yelling "CHANGE PLACES!"... except instead of changing seats at the table they change your contract to say whatever they want it to and you can't do shit because all you can say in Korean is "give me (insert noun)" and some random curse words and "eggplant" (only because is sounds just like the word for dick). Right. So I hate my job. There's that.

AND, Korea is shockingly boring. I thought "Sweet! Asia! Temples! Monks! Martial arts! Eating with chopsticks!". I was, however, mostly disappointed. My friends elsewhere in Asia assure me that this applies only to Korea and that the rest of the east is freaking sweet action on a daily basis. I'm fairly certain that all there is to do in Korea is shop for clothes and cell phones. I swear on my fucking signed copy of American Gods that there are as many cell phone stores in Daegu as there are people (and there are like 3 million people...)
Now, normally, I enjoy big cities because there is always something to do like parks and museums and art galleries and shit like that. But not in Daegu. There is shopping and more shopping and an opera house that never has anything good. Plus opera makes me sleepy... and it's all in Korean. There may be other, much awesomer things in and around the city, but we live a 45 minute bus ride out of town. And of course, that bus only runs like three times a day. So you either have to commit to being downtown for 12 hours or not go at all because paying for a cab back is gonna run you 30,000 won on the cheapest. And that's if the drive isn't a dickhole who tries to drive you all over the place because you're a miguk.

I may be white, damnit, but I know where I live.

Okay, my class is getting antsy. Time to actually do some shit.


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