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May. 4th, 2009 | 03:34 pm
mood: blahblah

Well, seeing as I haven't posted anything since... what, November? I thought I should get to it. I haven't really had much in the way of reliable internet access since then. Money's been tight. So, I'll start with the worst news: My lovely fatty puff Booker Bear died on April 17th. I was pretty messed up over that for... well right up until a few days ago. I still miss him lots and so does Apollo. But we're getting better.

Also, back in November, Chaz and I broke up. More like he wanted me to come back to TX with him and bum around and I wanted to stay on the island. So yeah. It was a long time coming.

Have a new boy now. He's called Will and he is amazing. Especially as he's been all but supporting me for the last month while I've been out of a job. I got fired in March for not signing a new contract at VIP that would cut my pay and lots of other very sketchy and bad stuff. I wasn't the only one to get fired, though. Plus, the whole company is slowly crumbling into nothingness. Hahaha. They went from like 13 employees to now... four, two of which have handed in their two weeks notice. Plus, they're having to move the office into Martin's garage! Hahahaha! Take that jerk.

After being effed around by Gecko bar (they told me I had a job and that my permit was being put in for almost three weeks before telling me out of the blue that they weren't going to hire me after all), I finally got a job the other day at the Marriott working in food and bev. Basically taking drinks to people as they lie on the beach. I've heard the tips are excellent, AND I get to be on the beach all day. My legs will be MASSIVE in like a month.

Sammy and Lisa have both returned to England after leaving VIP and we all miss them lots. Lisa will most likely be back in six or so months though because she started dating a bartender from Kaibo (who is super awesome) and he's getting ready to leave too but will be back in six months. He's also taking her to Ibetha! Coolness.

Em is watching all the animals at Shana's as she's gone to hang with Lisa in the UK for a bit. So we've been using her tv like crazy. But soon I'll have my own! Will and I are moving in with Mike and Oli at Oceanside Plantation. Very nice place - balcony that looks out directly over the water plus a pool and a gym and stuff. The landlord said she's pretend Apollo wasn't there, too. Yay.

I think my toe has leprosy... anyhow it looks gross and the skin is all falling off and it really itches. Nicole has it on her foot, too. Dunno what it is. I don't have any insurance or money or I'd go to the doctor. Eh.

I think that me and Em might go for a dive today... I should probably put on some clothes instead of just sitting around in my undies.

RIP Booker Bear. 2006-2009.
We miss you!

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(no subject)

from: slipstreamborne
date: May. 4th, 2009 09:33 pm (UTC)

Oh, Cortie. I'm so sorry to hear about Book. Was thinking about him the other day as I still have a pair of flip flops with his tooth marks. Glad Will has been there for you and that you've found a place where you can have Apollo with you.

Yuck re: your toe. Sounds like some kind of fungus maybe. Do you have a camera with you were you can take pictures? I could pass them along to my dad along with a list of any other symptoms and he may be able to give you some tips on how to at least try and treat it OTC (he's had similar foot issues on and off for a long time, so can def. feel your pain).

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