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Sep. 12th, 2008 | 08:10 am
location: momma's house
music: the today show

So the surgery was totally fine. For the record, I love the knockout IV. LOVE IT. I didn't even do any of that count backwards bs. The anesthetist walked in, introduced himself, turned on the drip and then I felt slightly tingly before I was out like a light. Apparently, though, according to Dr. Collins and the nurses I am "quite a character". When I first went under, before I was completely out but still out enough to not remember this, I was apparently talking on and on about how much I loved my iPhone. Not my mom, not my boyfriend or my pets - my phone. I rock so hard.

Right now I'm on drugs which aren't working terribly well. We're getting me some new ones so these are being combined with Xanax until I find some that work. I'm quite loopy and this is very hard to type. Also, I have one of those sock/ice pack things wrapped around my head. My sister said I look like the flying nun. Lulz.

Dizzi-dog has been cuddling me on the couch since I got home. She's mostly angry that I've stolen her spot, but maybe a little loving as well. She did kiss my face a lot when I got back. She's a cuddle monster :).

Anyhow, love to you all. I'm back to the couch. Boy brought me some of my fav movies to keep me occupied because he luuuurves me. Yey.

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